Information about HarvestPlug


Redistributing wealth to change who profits in legal weed while making marijuana more affordable for the greater good of humanity.

In the eyes of activists a free market for small-batch marijuana is the ultimate high. We remove inefficient middlemen and connect peers who enjoy the benefits of craft marijuana. 

Imagine the cannabis industry like a sacred national forest. Surrounding this cathedral of nature are gatekeepers, that take form as an arbitrary set of regulations and expensive licensing fees. Most average folks do not meet the financial requirements to obtain licenses therefore are stuck at the gate and locked out from profiting in the new world of legal cannabis.

But those left out in the cold are not waiting idly, we’re breaking down the barriers to entry and, out of the ashes, we’re building a new paradigm.

We’re voting with our dollars and participating in the sharing economy model.

Who wins? The underdogs. The 99%. 

HarvestPlug is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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